In June ’14 , the number of commuters flying through the domestic flights of India have been increased by 4.2%, in comparison to 2013. Such a growth in air traffic is considered to be considerably lower than the average global growth rate. While stating the latest figures on global data the IATA, International Air Transport Association, mentioned that growth in air traffic has been below average, i.e., 2%. The inflation is recorded to be high and consumers are remaining limited. In the recorded data, from 2013, the growth in air traffic is a meek deceleration in comparison to the data in May. In the month of May, the value of Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPKs) rase by 4.7% in this one-year tenure. This May ’14, there was a 6.2% increase in the RPK. There has been a considerable amount of increase in the air traffic including carriers from Asia-Pacific. The air traffic was recorded to increase by 4.9% in 2013 and noww is believed to raise 6.7%. Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO at IATA, stated that the demand in air travelling requires to remain strong but due to some global political and climatic issues, there is a negative affect on the demands. Also, he warned that a risk encircles even today. Issues in the Middle East that are imposed with trade wars with Russia, Argentina or Western Africa. Such problematic issues can dent the numbers of flier’s demands.

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