Air India airplane is again making headlines with its current activities catching the eyes of the journalists. On 7th of September, an Air India flight, whose route was from Chicago to Delhi, was reported an oil leakage problem in its engine. The report came in the public’s eye when the officials announced and confirmed the problem. The flight was reported to carry 342 passengers and was diverted to Toronto in the morning of 7th September ’14. The oil leakage was suspected by a pilot who later landed the plane at the Toronto Pearson Airport. The flight, AI 126 was flying from Chicago to Delhi to Hyderabad was turned to Toronto. However, the plane landed in emergency conditions as soon as the problem of oil leakage was found. Time reported by the airlines officials, when the flight landed, was 0700 hours IST. Engineers at the airport started inspecting the engine at the airport, soon after its landing, and checked the port engine of Boeing 777 Extended Range (ER). Also, the officials stated that all the passengers will be sent to Delhi and Hyderabad, as soon as the engineers are finished with the inspection procedure.

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