The federation of professional and highly experienced flight attendants said on Tuesday that the management of American Airlines agrees to give an additional $81 million a year to the flight attendants. This proposal was earlier declined by the member in a tentative agreement. The hike in the pay will go into effect from the very first day of the coming year i.e.; January, 1st. “With this decision, we can take our business a step ahead in the coming year,” as stated by the American Airlines. The union told in a message to the members of flight that, “the decision made, is like the starting of a new chapter”. They also included that, “Bringing two different workgroups which have different cultures and contracts together is not a simple task, but we have done in a one year exactly”. Now, our main objective is to effectively implement our joint collective agreement and to administer all the provisions it contains. This contract will covers all the flight attendants of American and US Airways that was merged on December 9th, 2013. A “memorandum of understanding (MoU)” was signed by American Airlines and US Airways before the merger and it stated that all the flight attendants of American Airlines and US Airways would be given a contract under joint contract which didn’t decreases the total value o their contracts and taken their contract to the industry standard. And, if the contract were declined by the flight members, they would have to submit penalty charges and that would be around $112 million.

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