A Delta flight took off for its journey from the LaGuardia Airport in New York on the night of 1st September ’14 was diverted to Jacksonville. Reason behind this route diversion known so far is the dispute caused by a passenger regarding his personal space and demanding a reclining seat. On investigating the matter further, it came into light when an onboard witness told that the woman who was sitting next to the troublesome passenger. The woman reclined her seat and the latter started to shout and scream. She demanded the flight to land at the moment. The Delta flight confirmed this news and labeled this problem as a ‘passenger disruption’ and the pilot was forced to land the plane down in an ‘abundance of caution’. He landed the plane in Jacksonville. Recently, the demand for seat recliners is increasing every now and then. Last week, an airplane was forced to change its route o Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, which was originally going from Newark to Denver. Reason behind this re-routing was believed to be the use of plastic Knee Defender and also the American Airlines from Miami to Paris was re-routed to Boston on 3rd September ’14.

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