The airline company known as Frontier Airline, thinking of spreading its business to the other new three terminals, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Houston Bush Intercontinental. Frontier Airlines will start this facility on November, 20 from Phoenix airport and the service will be carried on Airbus A319 aircraft for all three rounds. If all the commencement made by the Frontier Airline company activated, it will take off its flights ceaseless to seven places from Phoenix. Frontier has already started its flights to Denver and Cleveland from Phoenix, and has planning to flying to Cincinnati and O’Hare. Now, the question arising in our minds must be, why this airline company adding new destinations to its route? “The other airline companies that are presently taking off their flights on these routes are much expensive as compared to us and we can offer cheap tickets to our customers”. The President of this Airline Company, “Barry Biffle” mentions The Arizona Republic. It says, “Southwest Airlines and US Airways” are holding together over 80% of people traffic at sky harbor, and has been flying endless flights to Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Houston. Delta flies continuous to Salt Lake City and US flies continuous to San Francisco and Houston.

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