Panaji: The tourism department of Goa is assuming a hike of 30 percent in landing of scheduled flights at the time of next tourist season, crossing 1,000 chartered flights. The tourism director, Amey Abhyankar said to PTI that, “because of the ongoing mess between Ukraine and Russia, many of the tourism companies are exhausting. But this mess will not going to change the traffic of tourism in Goa. ” He said that in that upcoming year, we are anticipating approximately 1,200 scheduled flights as compared to the last year. The landing of flights in Goa is immense as of Germany, UK, Russia and other European based countries. The very first flight in Goa will land in the 1st week of October. He also said that that forthcoming analysis of St Francis Xavier expected to commence from coming November. It will continue till the next year of January month and will deliver nearly 4 million travelers, for the holy ceremony. “We have signed an agreement with KPMG firm which would help in the growth of tourism sector. With the help of KPMG planning phases, we will able to interact with many regions that need improvement in the tourism framework”. Even the state government is also preparing a plan for tourism sector which would in turn help us to focus more on this industry.

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