The aviation industry has taken an initiative to enhance its security features by involving one of its kind features. Both India and the US have stamped upon to establish testing and evaluation equipment in its strategy. The US Trade and Development Agency, USTDA, agreed to sign for a cooperation statement with the AAI (Airports Authority of India) and BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) for setting up equipment that will be used for aviation security testing program. In a recent press release, the USTDA publically stated that this agreement will let the former aid the AAI and BCAS to build specified standards and testing procedures with no doubt. With this, both the forums will get internationally synced with processes related to luggage scanning, baggage checking and passenger checking. Henry Steingass, Regional Director to USTDA, stated that their forum will continue tracking records for the US experts connecting with Indian projects which help India work on its vision of having latest technology aviation network. Such an approach also emphasizes on the dynamic growth of Indian airports, especially the staff catering its passengers who are travelling to various places located in the US and Europe. According to the USTDA experts, such initiatives will require strict security measures. This agreement is believed to be a part of the Strategic Dialogue between the US and India on a recent visit of John Kerry, Secretary of State. Along with ACP affiliated companies, this program will involve US Transportation Security Administration participation to keep a check on the TSA’s testing labs. With this, India will be counted in the top three aviation global markets, by the year 2020.

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