Fliers who are planning to travel via the American Airlines won’t be able to book their tickets using Orbitz. American Airlines made this a public statement on 26th August ’14. The airline is a joint venture of the US Airways and the American, which will follow this new decision from 1st September ’14. The online travel sites will also not be showing any bookings for this flight through Orbtiz. Orbitz is an online portal on which American pays for every flight that travelers book through it. The reason behind that decision of signing off the deal with American is simply because the deal had become very costly. President of American Airlines, Scott Kirby, announced that their team has worked very hard to matchup with the financial requirement of this deal so as to keep in pace with the affordable carriers. On the other hand, Orbitz stated that for commercial purpose its site will continue to inform readers about the various flights and options availability in the US and all across the globe. Also, passengers who have already purchased flight tickets using Orbitz are still eligible to fly in American. But, if they want to go for any change then they need to directly consult the airlines. However, this is not for the first time that such a dispute has come up when Orbitz has gone against any airline company. It’s now world’s leading carrier on which the American pulled off its fares. While in 2010, Expedia slightly lowered the position of American flights and fares below other airlines that lead the American under certain disadvantage. Its believed that the Orbitz might suffer in future as such a denial from American has put a negative impact on Orbitz’s business.

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