The Federal Aviation Administration, shortly known as FAA team will visit India in the upcoming month to perform a fresh audit aviation safety mechanism of India. This audit was degraded a year ago and the team is coming with a hope to take it back to the topmost category status. The official sources of FAA said that US team has decided to give a start to the fresh audit from December, 8. The work done will be reviewed by DGCS i.e.; Directorate General of Civil Aviation in order to solve the problems. The estimated time of the audit to go is about a week. When the audits of International Aviation Safety Assessment Programme declared faults in more than 30 crucial issues related to safety standards, that time, the American Regulator degraded India from Category I to Category II. After the degradation up to January 31, DGCA had decided to carry out a fresh audit in July. After taking this decision, the chief of DGCA “Prabhat Kumar” went to US and met with FAA to tell them about the progress carried for solving the identified problems.

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