With account to the joint venture of the airlines Virgin Atlantic and Delta, the former is capitalizing on revamping its flight network. In a report on 3rd September ’14, this airline company decided to launch its flights from London to NY and also from Detroit to London. Meanwhile, the Delta airline would proffer the fliers with a round-trip flight on daily basis from Manchester to NY and vice-versa. Through this, the Virgin Atlantic is planning to expand its US service in which both the airlines share equal profits. On a whole, the Virgin Atlantic had gone through a loss of $80 million in the year 2013 and it’s planning to launch 500 more flights by the summer of 2015. This expansion in flight network from London to the Narita Airport of Tokyo is due on 31st January ’15. Also, the final landing will be made from Narita to London next day, i.e. 1st February ’15. The airlines also planned to end its service with Mumbai as its destination. The total route network is questionable whether it’ll be profiting or not. If in case the deal is not profitable, the company will possibly try with varying size jet planes. The Virgin Atlantic will continue operating its airplanes to various cities in Asia, having New Delhi, Hong Kong and Shanghai as its main target. Delta owns a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic, with entrepreneur Richard Branson owning the remaining 51%.

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