The largest commercial aircraft A-380 in all over the world will get more new U.S. routes this year as compared to the last ones. With this, travelers are expecting to get a seat on this plane. The Dallas/Fort worth International Airport is recognized as the current airport of the United States to serve the services of the aircraft A-380 last week. The Superjumbo A-380 jet has been flying across the nation of U.S. since 2008, when Emirates Airlines started the flight services of A-380 from Dubai to New York. On this year, the new routes of the aircraft A-380 has generating in the United States, as 5 airline companies announced that they will add 7 new routes between August and December. Hence, by the end of this year, there will be an increment of 30% in the number of nonstop routes. As we all know, the largest operator of jet; Emirates airlines had 50 aircraft of A-380 in its fleet. This operator does not have that much capacity to handle all the aircraft of A-380 because A-380 aircraft is very big in size and needs more infrastructures. That why, new routes has routes are added to superjumbo jet.

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