Tripbeam.com is an online travel website which facilitates booking of flight tickets from USA to India, and entertains all the related queries prior to the bookings. The customers are requested to go through the Terms and Conditions with caution, once, before availing any of our services.

These Terms and Conditions constitute an overall understanding and an agreement between the two parties involved. Therefore, by booking a ticket online at ‘tripbeam.com’, you are thereby agreeing to abide by all these Terms and Conditions without any reservations. The rights to amend or change in the policies are reserved by us. Any change in the policies will be notified and updated on the website.


  1. Eligibility
  2. Change in Terms and Conditions
  3. Payments
  4. Prices
  5. Issuing Travel Documents
  6. Cancellations and Alterations Policy
  7. Insurance
  8. Seller of Travel Disclosures
  9. Valid Passports and Visas
  10. Marketing Materials
  11. Limitation of Liability
  12. Local Customs and Laws
  13. Disclaimer of Warranties
  14. Special Rules regarding Air Transport
  15. Medical and Physical Conditions; Medical Emergencies
  16. Representations and Warranties
  17. Disputes: Governing Law, Jurisdiction, etc.
  18. Severability and Survivability
  19. Entire Agreement

Eligibility - The Services offered by Tripbeam are available for purchase to everyone who have the requisite authority to travel across countries,and are over the age of 18 years.

Change in Terms and Conditions - The Terms and Conditions are subject to change or amendment anytime, without prior notice.Such changes, however, will not apply on already booked tickets. It is therefore necessary that make note of the Terms and Conditions at the time of booking, so as to be sure of the provisions under which you availed the particular service.

Payments - We accept Payments through:

  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • We also accept Cash direct deposits.

Prices - Once the booking has been made no refund request will be entertained.

The following are NOT included as a part of the cost:

  • Extra baggage charges

  • Custom fees

  • Port charges

  • Immigration fees

  • Inspection fees

  • Airport parking

  • Departure taxes levied by foreign governments

  • Cost of passports and Visas

However, if any of the above are stated in the offer description, then the costs will be included in the package.

Issuing Travel Documents - The traveler must ensure that he/she provides correct information for the issue of travel documents. Tripbeam does not hold any liability if furnishing of incorrect details hinders the process.

The travel documents issued under any name will only be sent to the person who has placed the order and has agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

Cancellations and Alterations Policy - The cancellation of tickets are subject to our Cancellation and Altercations Policy, which vary from one offer to another. The policy can be reviewed by the customer before making the booking via E-mail. In case of doubts, please clear them via mail or direct call on our toll free number.

Sometimes, due to the political or environmental changes, the rescheduling of flight times and routes is beyond our control. We have to cancel or make changes to confirmed bookings on such occasions. Although, we make it our priority to not hamper our customer’s comfort, but we reserve such a right in times of emergencies. We will notify you of such changes as soon as possible, and would be ready to offer convenient re-arrangements.

      1. We will offer you at least one flight of equivalent standard of your original booked flight ( you will not have to pay any more price). If the Tickets are now cheaper, we will refund you your extra payment. It is your choice to avail the alternate offer made to you. In case you wish not to accept it, a full refund will be made to you.

*Please make a note that above options are not applicable if a change made is minor and not causing a significant delay.

Important: All bookings of airline tickets are generally non-refundable unless otherwise stated in offer description.

CHANGES AFTER PURCHASE : Any change in the bookings after purchase are strictly restricted to airline fare rules. Flight timing and dates are subject to change as per the availability, and payment confirmation. If the confirmation is made after the specified time frame,additional costs may be levied.

In the event of cancellations, the agent’s bill and administrative costs will be deducted from the refund payment, as per the agreement.

Insurance - We at Tripbeam offer no insurance services, and are not responsible for any uninsured loss of the customer. We therefore, recommend to all the travelers to make their insurance purchases separately before going on any trip. Our customer care providers may refer you to insurance companies, to support your travel arrangements. It is the traveler’s sole responsibility to research the reliability of the company though.

Seller of Travel Disclosures - Tripbeam has a trust account as per the requirement of the law of California. Tripbeam is a member participant of California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (TCRF).

*Customer making purchase from outside California, the transaction is not covered under TCRF.

Valid Passports, Visas - It is not our responsibility to verify whether or not the customer has the necessary visas and passport before making the trip. A valid passport and travel visa is required to travel by air, to any place outside the U.S. The traveler must ensure that he is in possession of the above two and carries with him the other travel documents furnished by Tripbeam on the basis of information given by the customer himself.

*International Trips from USA to India require a passport valid until 6 months beyond the scheduled end of your Itinerary. Traveling without a visa to a place(India requires you to at least have a tourist visa)where it is required, can lead to imprisonment until you can be sent back, which is subject to the availability of return tickets.

It is your responsibility to check the details of such pre-arrangements to be made prior to the travel, and ensure you possess valid documents and have obtained the essential vaccinations,and got all the clearances to travel. We cannot be held responsible for any delays due to issues concerning the above.No compensation will be made by us in case you are unable to board the booked flight resulting from your failure to meet these requirements.

Marketing Materials - Tripbeam illustrates its services using photographs and descriptions only for referral purposes.We do not guarantee the exact same services or conditions available at the destinations pictured on our blogs or anywhere on the site.

The information we have on our site, comes from diverse sources, of which certain cannot be verified entirely and might be inaccurate.The Travelers are therefore advised to make use of their own discretion.

Limitation of Liability - Tripbeam is a mere facilitator, and in No event will be LIABLE for any indirect, incidental, exemplary or punitive damages of any type (without any limitation). Damage claims resulting in loss of opportunity, exceeding the total payment made by the customer under the agreement will not be Tripbeam’s Liability.

Local Customs and Laws - Traveling to a foreign land will make the traveler come face to face with new customs and laws that he may not be accustomed to. Thus, the traveler must be prepared to cope with the risks involved. Availing our services, means that the traveler acknowledges this and will not hold responsible for any such unwarranted experience he/she has after unboarding the flight, or even during the air-travel.

Disclaimer of Warranties - All services on offer are being provided on ‘As Available basis, unless and until stated otherwise.



General conditions governing air transport

Tripbeam’s responsibilities in respect to air travel are limited to facilitate your air-ticket bookings only. Tripbeam does not hold the right to specify the type of aircraft that would be used by any airline. Also, Tripbeam has no power over the extra charges levied by a certain airport or airline. Tripbeam is also not responsible for any kind of losses incurred due to flight cancellations, changed routes, or seats. The airlines have right over adjustments of flight timings and schedules. Tripbeam cannot be held responsible for such changes and will not provide refunds for missed flights due to such irregularities.

In case of a stop-over, if the second flight is scheduled to take off from another airport, the travel to the second airport will be at your own expense. Tripbeam will not reimburse you for that, and will not have any liability in case you miss the next flight.

Tripbeam will not take any responsibility in the event of delays, or timetable shifts arising from labor disputes, strikes or weather issues.

Problems related to the issuance of e-tickets

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has imposed new rules, from 1st of June 1st, 2008, regarding the issue of travel tickets. According to the rules, airlines and booking agencies are under the obligation of issuing travel tickets only via the electronic means,i.e., as an ‘e-ticket.’

It is therefore important for the customer to be in regular correspondence with Tripbeam on E-mail and make sure that he receives the tickets via the mail.

Failure to check-in

Failure to check-in on time, by default, result in canceling the return flight too. We advise you to contact us to work out on possibilities, if you want to still keep the return flight open; the decision however remains with the airline . We can only intervene.No refunds will be made in case the cancellations are made by the company.

The return

The return must be re-confirmed within 72 hours of the time of departure. This is a necessary action because if you fail to re-confirm, the airline does not guarantee to hold the allotted seat for you.Tripbeam makes it a point to warn you before hand, and cannot be held liable if you fail to re-confirm your return flight.


Tripbeam takes no responsibility concerning any loss or damage to your personal belongings, during the transit. The airline is liable to you for your baggage under certain terms and conditions. Thus, any problem regarding the luggage should be sorted out with the airlines itself. It is also recommended that you have all your belongings covered under insurance.

Babies and infants

Infants ( of 2 years or less) are not to occupy a full seat; the cost of the ticket is generally 10% of one seat ticket. A few flights offer reduction on ticket charges for children in the age group of 2 to 11 years.


There are certain restrictions on pregnant travelers to fly ; these vary from one airline to another. It is the responsibility of the customer to check these details beforehand.Tripbeam will not be responsible for any any fee cancellations once the ticket is booked.

Medical and Physical Condition - The traveler ensures that he is in good physical and mental condition to make the journey by air. He has furnished true medical documents and takes the responsibility of any unwarranted complication arising during the flight. Tripbeam assumes no responsibility of providing any sort of medical care on the flight and any charges levied by the airline over medical assistance will be borne by the traveler. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RISKS AND COSTS INVOLVED, if at all you receive any medical support during your air flight journey.

Representations and Warranties - The Traveler must abide by the following:(i) He must have requisite authority to enter into and enact upon the obligations under our Terms and Conditions; (ii) He must agree to abide by all rules and regulations and comply with all local customs; (iii) He must provide accurate information to Tripbeam to help facilitate a hassle-free service .

Disputes - All disputes, will be settled under the jurisdiction of State of California.

Severability and Survivability - Any of the provisions which are seen as unlawful or void, will be deemed severable. These will not affect the enforcibility of the other provisions. The customer as well as Tripbeam must agree to substituting such a point with a valid provision, which is close enough to the intent of the severed provision and has the same economic effect.

Entire Agreement- These Terms and Conditions make up for an agreement between the customer and Tripbeam. Both the parties must agree to the provisions laid here. Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions is a pre-requisite of using any of our services.


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